This is Black Betty, she is a 1985 Jaguar XJS HE V12.
5.3 Litre (326 ci) 12 Cylinder 3 Speed Auto. TWR Engine Intakes and Exhaust give a quoted power of 330HP. Has TWR Body Kit as well. Originally delivered to the U.K. it was imported privately to Australia around 1993.  
I have no idea how many owners it has had. The engine has been replaced twice once in 2002/3 by the previous owners, which was a lemon, I replaced the engine in 2005 with a 1992 version. The car is is still pretty original, needs some TLC to make it look it's best.
 The old Joke was that if you bought a Jaguar you needed to buy 2, as 1 was always in the workshop. Well Iain and I made the perfect garage, except my car has no oil pressure and his has no speedo or tacho. - maybe 3?
 You did up the suspension mounts didn't you? - I thought you did? 

No the engine didn't fall out, this was the donor engine to my car and Iain and West looking surprised that it did indeed come out the bottom just like it went in at the factory.


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